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Traditional PR isn't made for the current moment.

Good thing we're not a traditional PR firm.


As social justice movements have evolved over the past few years, so too has the media landscape - and not for the better. Often, the communities most impacted are the ones least visible in the news. In the era of "fake news," with the impact of unregulated hate speech on social media channels, and with the daily attacks on our communities, media relations work must be ready to meet the moment.

But traditional PR just doesn't cut it. PR firms are still largely devoid of people of color and women in leadership positions. Nuance and context are often missing from messaging and strategy. Successful PR today must be a combination of authentic storytelling, incisive strategy, and confident delivery.

We're proud of our track record, working to advance narratives for MASA (Muslim, Arab, South Asian) and immigrant communities, women, people of color, and all those fighting to tell their stories in the arenas of politics, social justice, and culture change.

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