These are just a few of the services Big Canvas PR offers.

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Media Strategy

We identify short- and long-term strategic goals for our clients, checking back in regularly to refine, recalibrate, and advance your media objectives.

Reporter Relations

We work with our clients to identify key reporters who can advance your narratives, and build solid, lasting relationships that yield strategic benefits.

Training & Coaching

We provide a curriculum of trainings, ranging from the social psychology of language in messaging to broadcast media practice runs. We can also build custom trainings to suit your needs.

Social/Digital Strategy

We craft social media campaigns that go viral, and provide insights on how to utilize digital strategy to garner traditional media, reaching wider audiences.

Messaging Research

We work with researchers, analysts, and linguists to determine the most effective messages for your organization, providing context and feedback on existing messaging, crafting fresh messaging, and ensuring the research lines up with your organizational values.


We help organizations reinvent themselves, and provide help in crisis situations to ensure minimal negative impact on an organization and its brand.